Mom-Mom's Lavender

Mom-Mom’s Lavender is founded on kindness. We believe that being kind to yourself, others, and the world is extremely important. Lavender brings beauty and wonderful fragrances into our lives. Whether fresh or dried, Lavender makes your life more enjoyable. Our lavender is organically grown, as are all of our crops. We also only use organic, sustainable ingredients in all our products. This promotes kindness to the
earth and the people raising those crops. All essential oils are organic as well as our castile soaps and various lotions, shampoos and washes. Our Castile Soap is 100% olive oil, no coconut oil or any other oils or chemical additives. This simple product is as pure as can be made and meant to help others who need a good soap but no additional items that may cause them harm.

Helpful products that have a low impact on nature and a big impact on you are what we provide. Products that make your life and those around you better and kinder.