The Reason Behind Our Name 

In our family, we call our grand-mothers Mom-Mom. Sue was Mom-Mom to our 3 grandsons, Tyler, AJ and Joey. She was also Mom-Mom GG (great grandmother) to our great granddaughter, MacKenzie. Sue was a very loving, caring person who believed that being kind to all was something we need to do and that it is particularly important that we teach kindness to our children. 

Sue was also very hard working and loved crafts, gardening and being outside working in the yard and garden. She always wanted to grow lavender, but we just never got around to it.

Sue fought brain cancer for almost 3 years, and she finally lost the battle last August 2021. We have started this lavender farm and business in her honor and our goal is to build kindness into all aspects of the business. Pure organic products from sustainable farming sources focus on kindness to the earth and the people farming. Effective natural products help you to be kind to yourself and your family. Reasonable prices help more people to be able to afford our products and get items that make their life more enjoyable and beautiful.

One additional element that has been added by Patty is the focus on kindness to animals. We donate a percentage of all sales to animal rescue organizations in the Lexington, KY area. We also provide the facilities needed for animal rescue organizations to host fund-raisers and other events.