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Tenderpaws® was created to help animal rescues like Paws 4 the Cause raise money for their extreme medical cases. Many rural shelters do not have the funds to do extra care for severe medical cases. They reach out to rescues, like Paws 4 the Cause, in order to SAVE that rescue’s life and give them a second chance. Your purchase of a Tenderpaws will help to change a rescue’s life forever.

When you purchase a Tenderpaws®, you not only get a stuffed animal that is weighted and can be warmed up in a microwave, but you get a small drawstring backpack, extra lavender spray to reinforce the lavender aroma from the lavender that is already inside the animal, a sample size soap, a Paw 4 the Cause pen, and a pamphlet that tells you details about the rescue animal that the Tenderpaws was named after. Each animal has their own rescue story, and your purchase helps make new stories possible.

Besides helping to rescue animals, Tenderpaws® has 3 main benefits for you:

1.      Soothing Warmth - Exposure to heat can help lower blood pressure and heart rate amid stress. Tenderpaws® is easily heated and provides therapeutic warmth whenever you need it.

2.      Weighted Comfort - Gentle pressure can help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. All of our products contain an all-natural grain filling for a relaxing, weighted sensory experience.

3.      Calming Aroma - Research shows lavender can reduce nervousness and improve sleep quality. All of our products contain the perfect amount of dried French lavender for easier bedtimes and more restful sleep.


We have partnered with Paws 4 the Cause to help them raise the funds that they need to continue to rescue animals. They provide shelter, medical care, fostering, and adoption of dogs, cats, and other small animals. Paws 4 the Cause can always use your help and you can donate your time, money, and other items by going to their website.

Get your Tenderpaws® and enjoy the relaxing aroma of lavender and the gentle warming while helping animal rescue save an animal in need.