Sunflower Festival and Crafts

Mom-Mom's Lavender Annual Sunflower and Crafts Festival


FREE – $10.00 per person



About this experience

Mom-Mom’s Lavender’s Sunflower Festival is an event that celebrates the beauty and  significance of sunflowers. Our festival is held during the peak blooming season of sunflowers, which is mid-August. We have partnered with Paws 4 the Cause in Lexington and one half of all fees goes to Paws for the Cause to help animal rescue.Paws 4 the Cause  The fee to attend the festival is $10 per adult (16 and up), $7 per youth (6 to 15), and children under 6 are free.  Paws 4 the Cause

Here are some features and activities you may find at our sunflower festival. We are trying to ensure that all items listed are available, but we still are looking for partners:

1.     Blooming Fields: Our Sunflower Festivals is on our farm and we have 2 acres of different types of sunflowers. Visitors can enjoy walking through our field of blooming sunflowers, that creates a picturesque and vibrant landscape.

2.     Photography Opportunities: Sunflower fields provide stunning backdrops for photography enthusiasts. Visitors often take advantage of the festival to capture beautiful pictures with the vibrant yellow flowers.

3.     Food and Drinks: Our festival features local food vendors offering sunflower-themed or seasonal treats. This could include sunflower seeds, sunflower oil products, or dishes inspired by sunflowers.

4.     Live Entertainment: We are trying to find live music, performances, or other entertainment to enhance the overall experience. We will post updates to this as we know more.

5.     Art and Craft Vendors: Artists and crafters will showcase sunflower-themed artwork, jewelry, and other handmade goods for sale.

6.     Educational Activities: Our festival includes educational components, such as workshops on gardening, sunflower cultivation, or environmental sustainability.

7.     Children's Activities: We are working to get family-friendly events activities like face painting, games, and crafts for children.

Before attending our sunflower festival, it's a good idea to check the specific event details, such as date, hours, and planned activities. These will be listed on our web site. Our festival provide a wonderful opportunity for people to connect with nature, appreciate the beauty of sunflowers, and enjoy a day filled with entertainment and community.