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Lavender sachet high grade

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Great stocking stuffers. biodegradable confetti wedding favors, dried wedding flowers.
HIGHEST FRAGRANCE French lavender sachets, beautiful sachets in light purple 7x9cm (2.8"x 3.5") organza bags.
Always FRESHLY MADE TO ORDER, hand filled with our famous highest fragrance 100% natural pure lavender (NO fillers/oils, additives, chemicals).
Ships in a reclosable ziploc-type bag to protect freshness.

Unbeatable as insect/moth repellent, lay with linens, clothing, knits & yarns to ward off moths and other crawlies.
Use in your home to scent drawers & closets, use to naturally scent the air, hang one in your car, tuck into your pillow to help you fall asleep.

Great gifts for teachers, hostess, house warming, mother's day gift.

♥♥♥ ORGANZA BAG SIZE - Please note the dimensions are for flat unfilled organza bags. 3"x4" sachets are in 7x9cm (2.75"x3.5") bags, 2"x3" sachets are in 5x7cm (1.95"x2.75") bags. All dimensions are +/- 0.5".

♥♥ OTHER USES - Whether you give them as gifts or keep them for yourself, enjoy!
♥ tuck into your lingerie dresser
♥ very romantic
♥ put one in your sweetheart's sock drawer
♥ add to your next bath water to soothe & heal
♥ tie one on in your car in place of those toxic air fresheners
♥ hang in your closet to stave off moths
♥ place in baby's room for a fresh relaxing scent
♥ tuck into baby diaper bag to keep it smelling lovely
♥ put in your pillow case for a more relaxing sleep
♥ place with clean laundry for an invigorating clean smell
♥ place in laundry hampers, especially teenagers
♥ place with folded linens
♥ use to freshen suitcases-back packs-gym bags-sports equipment bags
♥ tie onto the Christmas tree

♥ thank you gifts
♥ help you relax and fall asleep
♥ eco-friendly dryer sheets (dryer bags)
♥ use at work to help you keep calm
♥ use to scent drawers & closets and keep moths & crawlies out
♥ use to freshen gym or yoga bag, suitcases, shoe bags