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Olive Carrier Oil

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Extra virgin olive oil, characterized by its naturally high level of oleic acid, is cold-pressed extracted from the Olea europaea tree. After the first pressing of the olive, the yielded oil remains in its unrefined state carrying a green to yellow appearance with a characteristic aroma and flavor profile.

Due to natural variation in the starting raw material, olive oil can vary from batch to batch in terms of its peppery taste and color. Olive oil is widely sourced and distributed due to its versatility, rich flavor, high antioxidant content, and perceived health benefits, making it one of the most popular oils used for culinary dishes and as a standalone cooking oil.

In addition to food preparation and manufacturing, extra virgin olive oil is advantageous in the personal-care industry to target dry or damaged skin, often used as a base in soaps, body washes, lotions, and moisturizers.