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Vanilla Essential Oil

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Found within the beans of the beautiful vanilla orchid, vanilla extract has a rich and beautiful aroma known for its peace inducing and seductive qualities.

The use of vanilla is typically reserved for spiritual and emotional well being. It has a calming effect and therefore is a great option to help treat stress-induced conditions, nervous anxiety, insomnia and restlessness, or a general inability to relax.

Rich, warm, and sweet, vanilla extract is an exceptional compliment to many oils.

Botanical Name: Vanilla fragrans(Salisb.) Ames
Family Name: Orchidaceae
Common Names: Vanilla Bean
INCI: Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract
Parts Used: Leaf
Extraction Method: Oleoresin, Solvent
Scent: Rich and warm and possesses a sweet vanilla aroma
Appearance: Deep Brown
Natural: Yes