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Vendor Application Lavender Festival


$50.00 per person



About this experience

Use this form to start discussions with us about how we may be able to work together either by participating in one or more festivals or by setting up an event held on our farm, a class or session that deals with your skills and expertice. You can choose any one or all items listed.

We are changing our policy about charging vendors to attend our events. There is now a $50.00 charge to attend an event. If you sign up and pay, but we decide to not include you, the money will be refunded.

For festivals, vendors are expected to be at the farm around 8:00 am to set up. We will give you a call to discuss when you can come out to the farm. It is also important that you are prepared to properly handle state tax collection. Let us know if you have your KY Sales and Use Tax permit and KY Business Ocupational License. If you do not have these, we would be glad to help you get them.