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Ginger Oil is a pure essential oil, steam distilled from the roots of the fresh ginger,Zingiber officinale, plant. This oil naturally varies in color from pale to dark yellow with a characteristic spicy ginger aroma.
Ginger Oil is sought after for many applications in varying industries. In aromatherapy applications, ginger gives off a warm aroma often associated with soothing implications as its been used as a home remedy for different ailments for millennia. It’s no surprise that ginger oil is used throughout the food and beverage manufacturing industry to flavor sauces, marinades, soups, and even as a dipping sauce for vegetables or sushi.
Ginger oil is found in a wide selection of topical cosmetic and personal-care products such as muscle massage treatments, ointments, or body creams. Like any essential oil, ginger oil is highly concentrated and may be diluted with another carrier oil before direct topical application.